About Rhonee



Allow me to introduce myself. I was named Veronica,

but always known as Rhonee.

Until recently I had carried the label of Rhonee, through its many iterations over all my years. The birth of my first grandson prompted a re-examination of that choice.

Now, I am all about choices, as a life coach, I take the role and responsibility of making and facilitating smarter choices. At least I honor that in the moment I believe and trust that I am making the smartest choice possible.

But the reality is I often make choices that have CONSEQUENCES I could never have dream of. I am still learning, being accountable and making new choices.

Let me tell you about that.

Daddy was away at War and Mom didn’t have a clue what to name me… long red hair for a baby; didn’t look like anyone in the family. You know babies do have their own look but we try to see someone else in their face. So the lovely French nurse who was assisting with the joyous occasion of my birth named me. Through my years my real name never came into play until time for my drivers license, social security and marriage licenses. Really good reasons to be who I was named.

Even today I am often challenged with the descrepency between Rhonee, my name to the world and my real name. The banks are especially unaccepting of this.

Back to basics; the name and astrology books have me described to a tee. When I first discovered astrology… boy what an eye opener! I was truly in shock that I could be described so well. So, giving power to the wisdom of the stars and those who so expertly share their wisdom; Rhonee has become my reality.

I am Rhonee. Female, daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, designer, life strategist coach, speaker, writer, and single…

At your service, Factotum – Jill of all trades and master of many, as lifestyle coach, inspirational mentor, speaker, author, creative writer, interior designer, Feng Shui expert, and  Divine Designer.

So, welcome aboard for the ride, a journey from WITHIN.

I can be reached via email at iam (@) rhonee (dot) com